Key Lime Pie

Key lime gel, key lime ganache and a homemade buttery crumble inside a white chocolate shell. 


Milk Chocolate Gianduja Tahini with caramelized sesame chocolate cookie inside a dark chocolate shell

Almond Praline

Homemade Almond Praline and honey ganache inside a dark chocolate shell

Pistachio Vanilla

Vanilla Ganache and a Pistachio Gianduja inside a white chocolate shell 


Dark Chocolate Espresso ganache topped with Vanilla Ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate shell



Gooey Caramel with crunchy peanut butter Gianduja in a milk chocolate shell


Cookie butter Gianduja, milk chocolate, and lot's of Biscoff cookie crumbs


 The Classic! Hazelnut Gianduja with crunchy pieces of caramelized hazelnuts

Frangelico Shot

This bonbon is magical! Encased a crunchy sugar shell enjoy a full shot of Frangelico Liquor. 

Sea Salt Caramel

Soft Caramel mixed with Maldon Sea Salt 


Mango Passion Fruit

Refreshing and exotic! This white chocolate shell is filled with a fruity mango and passion fruit ganache


Rose filling with crunchy crystallized rose pieces 

Ginger Yuzu

Fresh ginger infused cream ganache with the aromatic scent of Yuzu

More Flavors to come

We are always concocting new flavors based on seasonal ingredients. Check back soon for our new line of flavors